Technisches Datenblatt Freee F2

Technical specifications

Freee F2 electric vehicle based on the Segway® PT i2 SE

Seat cushion Removable (standard seat cushions can be used)
Backrest Adjustable, folding-down (standard backrests can be used with an adapter)
Transfer aids Width-adjustable, folding-down for safe transfer
Handlebar Adjustable, easy to remove
Footrest Adjustable, with collision protection
Parking stand Front and rear parking stand for safe transfer, automatically adjust to uneven ground
Batteries 2 lithium-ions batteries, 5.8 Ah, 73.6 V, charging time approx. 8 hours when battery is flat, integrated charger for charging at standard electrical socket 110 – 230 V
Range Up to 38 km, depending on way of driving, terrain, driver’s weight, tyre pressure, wind, etc.
Maximum speed 10 km/h respectively 20 km/h, depending on applicable law
Weight 74 kg
Control Self-balancing vehicle with electronic control, intelligent control system with display of operating state, battery’s level of charge and time, mileage indicator, programmable maximum speed, electronic immobiliser system
Vehicle designsRed Race / Red Line / Grey Line
Motor vehicle  registration Optional

Segway® is a registered trademark of Segway Inc. USA