Elaborated safety systems

Developing the Freee F2, safety ranked first. Special attention was paid to the parking vehicle’s secure stabilisation by a reliably working support technology. The integrated parking supports are electronically controlled and automatically adjust to uneven ground. They ensure a steady position, and therefore a safe transfer.

Transfer aid and footrest

The transfer aids are adjustable in width and provide secure side support for backside and thighs. Folded aside, they make the transfer easier.

The foot rack is adjustable horizontally and vertically. It provides secure side support for the feet on uneven ground, and serves as a bumper, too.

Die Transferhilfen des Freee F2 sind in der Breite einstellbar, die Fußablage ist horizontal und vertikal einstellbar.
Das Thema Sicherheit stand bei der Entwicklung des Segway-Rollstuhls Freee F2 an erster Stelle